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It might give the pictures some context, and helps me remember what was
happening at the time. We didn't call 'em blogs way back then, but that's what
you'd call 'em now. I'll be doing a few at at time, but Have a Look! There are
a few new ones now. I'm going to work on these 'til I can't stay awake anymore.

16 March 2003        8 April 2003           10 April 2003          11 April 2003      
12 April 2003         13 April 2003          19 April 2003          20 April 2003

are we there yet?

You can't see the hydraulic fluid dripping onto my knee and boot. This is me inside a CH-53 helecopter.
Also note the safety vest: will the minimal lift it provides overcome the heavy  body armor with ceramic plates?

Military Pictures: Iraq, Diego Garcia and Guam and Alaska
If you're interested a specific thing, try these shortcuts to get you into the "right neighborhood":
UUV's      Dolphins      Jack      The Brits      The Aussies      Mines      USS Gunston-Hall      TV Crews
EODMU7 UUV team and LT Haas             Iraq Images         Home in Iraq         "Photo-Op Hell"
Or you can go through about 1200 pictures from our efforts to clear mines from Umm Qasr and Az Zubayr
These are pictures from the NSCT-1 deployment last year in the port town of Umm Qasr and Az Zubayr.  Plenty
of Dolphins, UUV's and our guys in these.  Still more Iraq pictures.
Check out our pictures from Korea! Exercise Foal Eagle. There are two sets of pictures, this one has a lot of
embarassing party shots, while
this one has mainly shots of our cool camp setup. Have a look!

I just added *More* pictures! This time from Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. We worked with the Korean
Navy to locate a downed aircraft. The ROK Navy was very impressive and professional (and even fun).
I even visited the Military TV and Radio stations! See rare pictures of DG's Armed Forces Network FM
and its1485 khz AM station. Also, visit DG's ham club VQ9X!

 Imperial Beach "Bunker" pictures, My last duty station and project before moving on.  Where we tested and
accepted the new communications gear and got everybody familiar with it. It's now in Iraq and they guys did
a great job from what I heard.

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** IMPORTANT: If you want to use any pictures on this site, please contact me at joe@REPLACE-DOMAIN-NAME-WITH-THE-RIGHT-ONE.net
Some of these  are not mine and I'll need to ask the owner/contributor if it's OK. **

Mostly strange Non-military Links below:
I'll have to share a few links to some of my favorite sites, just so you'll understand why I'm the way that I am.
- Bad Science is a growing problem in the world, there is some amazing funny stuff here, but sadly dummies beleive it.
- America's SECRET WEAPON against the Taliban!
- Kittens! (check this out) I like to leave this on a machine that I've just worked on. It loops forever!
- Stay and play at "The Gobbler" a turkey themed ultra-modern "love hotel"
- Listen To April Winchell or go through here amazing collection of offbeat mp3's, try this one,
- If you're in southern California, get free dial up internet without any strings or trickery, honest!
- Visit "space age city" for the best in modern building design
- Check out this amazing new product that actually "pulls signals out of the air"! Some of the most skillfully written
ad copy I've ever read (but you don't get free cable!)

Sites that belong to good friends:
www.somafm.com     Thanks Rusty for the good music! Rusty sent me a complete hard drive of  SOMAFM  music. It was a
sanity saver. Give his internet radio stations a listen.
- www.beemco.com     Joel taught me most of what I know about directional AM and a whole lot more. He's the best!
- www.badideatheater.com      Larry, Mike and Roy at burning man.
- www.anidealworld.com   My Brother in Law's amazing video talents EXPOSED

Good Places to eat (ahem) along the Chevron way: (you might even run into me at these places)
La Scala in San Diego  a family owned and operated place that is my favorite in San Diego. A hit with all!
- "The Gathering" in San Diego, and neighborhood place with great food, drinks and even magic! BACK after a fire!
MZM Bistro in Imperial Beach. Good food in Imperial Beach? Yes! Amazing!
- Idle Spurs in Barstow is an amazing find! It's been around for years but isn't easy to find.
- "The Spot" in Carpenteria (near Santa Barbara). Just a fantastic beach front burger place.
- The Rib Company in Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms. Another surprise!

Navy - Together We Served
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